LPG Gas KYC Online 2024 | How to do LPG Gas KYC step by step Apply Online


LPG Gas KYC Online 2024: If you have an LPG Gas connection in your house then you will have to get KYC done. Now the government has made it mandatory to get KYC done for LPG gas. If you do not get KYC done then the subsidy you will receive will stop.


Applicants having LPG gas can do it both online or offline. Whatever gas you have, Indian Gas, Bharat Gas, or HP Gas, you can buy all three gases online or offline. The complete step-by-step process is explained below. In this article, we will know how you can do KYC both online and offline. So please read this article till the end.


How to do online KYC for LPG gas?

If you want to do online KYC for LPG gas sitting at home, you can do it now, the process of which you will know below.

> First of all, you have to go to the website given below. https://www.mylpg.in
> Then you will see the photos of all three gas companies, click on whichever gas is yours.
> You will then be redirected to a new page.
> There you will have to register on the website, if you have already registered then you will have to log in.
> You will then see all the details related to your gas connection.
> Then you will have to fill out the form that will open in front of you.
> Now you have to click on the Track Your Refill option.
> You will see complete details of all the gas cylinders ordered so far and more subsidies.
> And then you have to click on the Aadhaar Authentication option on the left side.
> After this, you will see the last four digits of your Aadhaar and after entering the captcha code, you will have to click on the Generate OTP button.
> An OTP will come on whatever mobile number you link to your UID card.
> After entering the OTP, you will have to click on Authenticate and your KYC will be completed.
> And now the message of Authenticate successful will appear in front of you.
v Now again you have to click on the Aadhaar Authentication option, and then you will see whether your status is complete or pending, you can check from there.

How to do offline KYC for LPG gas

If your gas connection is in any agency, then if you do not want to do LPG Gas KYC online, you can do it offline i.e. by going to your nearest agency.

> First of all, you have to go to the nearest agency.
> You will then be given a form to fill out by an employee.
> After filling out that form you have to attach your Aadhar card bank passbook and gas connection passbook with it.
> After that, the gas agency employee will start the KYC process.
> After this, your KYC will be completed.
> After reading this article, you must have understood that if you have a Ujjwala gas connection and you want to do KYC for it, then you can do it this way. Get KYC done before 31st December 2023 because the government has made it mandatory, if you do not do this then your gas subsidy will not be available and may be stopped.

Documents required for LPG Gas KYC
> For LPG Gas KYC, you must submit all the documents given below.
> Applicant’s Aadhar card
> Ration card
> mobile number
> email id
> and bank account passbook

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